Real Estate Closings

I am passionate about giving people a great experience when they are closing on a new home purchase, sale, or refinance. I want your final interactions in the process to be the best experience yet. I do this by going to the location a you choose at a time that works for you and guiding you through the process in a quick and thorough manner.

I don’t rush through a loan signing…that’s not my style. Nobody wants to feel rushed but I go at the pace my clients choose. I lead signers through in an efficient manner because their time is valuable. I strike a balance in briefly describing documents as we go through the signing so people feel informed about what they are signing and know where to look for more information. Signers, escrow officers, lenders, and realtors all have confidence that their closing will be mistake free.

I have completed over 1,500 closings for clients since mid-2019 and have extensive experience with purchases, sales, and other same day funding closings.

Escrow officers love working with me because I always perform my duties professionally and in a way that puts their clients at ease. Clients rave about the helpful communication I have with them prior to their signing.

When you choose to work with me you will have confidence your closing was handled by an expert because I back all of my work with a 100% guarantee. If there is ever a problem with something I notarized I will work with you to get it corrected as soon as possible.

Title Companies &
Escrow Officers

Stop worrying about whether you’ll be able to get a closing covered and find out why we’re so different from other mobile closers.


Don’t let your client’s closing experience be left to chance.