Senior Living Facilities

Offer Your Residents A Valuable Service

Residents in senior living facilities have faced numerous challenges over the past couple of years due to COVID-19. Lockdowns, businesses having reduced staffing or hours, and the health impact of COVID on the senior population has disrupted the lives and convenience for many people but no population has been affected by it more than our seniors.

This time has also made it clear how important it is to have your financial and legal affairs in order. Something most people don’t realize is that many of these critically important documents need to be signed in front of a notary and notarized. This is challenging when seniors can’t get to a notary or when they don’t know if the notary will be working wherever they decide to go.

There is a better way…you can schedule a notary to come to you!

By partnering with Travis at Wyman Mobile Notary you can offer your residents a chance to make their lives so much easier. Travis will come to them at an agreed upon time and take care of notarizing the documents on the spot.

I work with senior living facilities to stay on top of their current guildelines for vendors and visitors and always make sure to follow these procedures.

I am happy to review documents prior to arriving if requested to make sure the notarization appointment will go smoothly however I cannot give legal advice or prepare documents. I’m happy to refer clients to attorneys in the area who may be able to help them out or I can talk with their attorney to get clarification on what type of notarization may be needed, whether witnesses are needed, and whether they would like documents returned to them.

I also send my clients information to help them prepare for their appointment and a checklist to go through. This helps avoid issues with expired or missing IDs, witnesses that are needed and more.