Attorneys and Law Firms

Partner With A Trusted Notary

Attorneys and law firms can benefit from partnering with a trusted notary who treats your clients with the same level of service you do. A trusted notary makes it easy for you to hand off the task of getting important documents signed and notarized for your clients while freeing you up to move on to the next task or file that you are working on.

A trusted notary will make sure all of the documents you prepared are signed properly and will communicate with your clients and you throughout the process. Our goal is to make notarizations convenient and easy for everyone involved. You won’t have to refer your clients to a notary you don’t know, tell them to go to their bank or a shipping store, and you also won’t have to interrupt your valuable billable time by having clients stop in the office.

Pricing For Law Firms

Estate Planning Packages


This is the typical price of most packages and includes picking up the documents from your office and returning them back to your office. Packages with significantly more notarizations may be more but I always discuss these with you prior to the signing.

Remote Online Notarizations (RON)

Remote Online Notarizations (RON for short) make it possible for your clients to sign from the comfort and convenience of their own home, workplace, or vacation home. A downside of RON is the learning curve it has for the person hosting the RON session. If you are an attorney who notarizes your clients documents you likely have thought about RON but when you’ve looked into what it takes to do it it seems daunting. You want to practice law…you don’t want to practice tech support.

When you partner with a trusted RON notary you will get the benefit of being able to offer RON services without the headache that can come with it. You won’t have to memorize a script, go through a checklist every time you conduct an online notarization, or talk your clients through how to verify their identity because the notary you partner with does this for you. Better yet I conduct RON sessions just about every day of the week and have extensive experience notarizing documents online.

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