Policies, Terms, and Conditions Of Remote Online Notarization

By scheduling/booking an appointment for a Remote Online Notarization appointment of any length you are agreeing to the following policies, terms, and conditions of Wyman Mobile Notary Services.


$10 Technology Fee per transaction
$25 for the first notarization with one signer included
$10 for each additional notarization
$6 for each additional signer
$6 for each witness that you provide for your signing if they are needed
$15 for each witness if we need to provide the witness


A $35 non-refundable deposit must be paid at the time of booking your Remote Online Notarization appointment. This reserves your time slot and ensures we have the correct information on file to send an invoice for any additional amount that may be due for your signing.

Full Payment Due Before Appointment

You understand and agree that payment must be made in full prior to the start of your online appointment. An estimate will be provided based on your answers to this form. The final amount due will be determined after reviewing your documents. Once I review the document(s) I will send you an invoice through my invoicing software. The invoice must be paid in full before we can begin signing the documents.

Payment Types Accepted

We accept payments by credit card using Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover.

Identifying Signers

All signers must have identification. U.S. state ID or a Passport is required. When you photograph your identification, lay it on a flat, dark surface in great lighting. Every signer must have a social security number.

The knowledge-based authentication (identity verification) will create five questions. You must answer 4 out of 5 correctly. Each signer gets two chances to pass per 24 hour period. KBA verifies data associated with your ID and SSN to confirm your identity.

The notary cannot override the KBA identity check. The identity verification lasts twelve hours, so complete it before your appointment — but not too early!

Failure To Pass Credential Analysis/Knowledge Based Authentication

If a signer fails the Credential Analysis/Knowledge Based Authentication portion of the verification process they will be given a second chance immediately following. If they fail to pass verification on the second attempt the signing will have to be rescheduled at least 24 hours later. In the event the signer still fails to pass the verification phase we will refund the invoiced amount minus the deposit.

LifeLock or any other kind of credit freezing program will cause identity verification failure. You must turn it off before you attempt this! You can turn it back on right after.


You will upload your document securely on the platform before your session. There is no need to email the notary your personal information. Password protected documents will show as blank pages on the screen. Remove password protection before uploading! We cannot notarize password protected documents at this time. You may choose to email your documents to the notary if you want to but you understand the risks of sending personal and confidential documents over email and you alone are responsible for the transmission of those documents. If you choose to email documents please email them to docs@wymanmobilenotary.com. Emailing documents is an option if you would like to know an exact price prior to the appointment, if there is a question about a notary block or certificate, or if you want to make sure to expedite the process of your appointment by making sure everything is ready to go.

Don’t sign your document yet. You’ll electronically sign during your online session with the notary.

During The Appointment / Technology Considerations

Each signer must have his or her own device so each can e-Sign during the online video session. Do not share one device. Wear headphones or move away from each other (if you are in the same room) to reduce audio feedback.

Don’t sign your document yet. You’ll electronically sign during your online session with the notary.

Password protected documents will show as blank pages on the screen. Remove password protection before uploading! We cannot notarize password protected documents at this time.

The calendar booking feature senses your time zone — book the time you want in your zone. It will tell us the Minnesota time automatically.

A firewall on a secure system will often prevent the audiovisual communication necessary during the online session. If you are on a work computer or secure work network (military, hospital, government), you will likely need to move away from that system and use a personal device instead.


You may choose to cancel your appointment by clicking on the Cancel Appointment link in the email confirmation that is sent to you. Any deposits or fees that you have paid are non-refundable if you choose to cancel. Cancellation and rescheduling is not permitted within 1 hour of the appointment time. If Wyman Mobile Notary Services cancels the appointment due to a scheduling conflict, technical issue, emergency, or an issue that’s not related to your appointment we will refund your money.

Pay For Your Client’s Notarizations

If you are booking an appointment for your client and would like your company to be billed instead of the signing client please let me know. In these situations I am happy to set up an account for your business and invoice you for each signing completed. Payment for the first signing completed for your business must still be paid online with a credit card prior to starting the first signing.

Contact Info

Call or text 612-421-2230 with questions. If you are located outside of the United States and need to chat on WhatsApp please email me at travis@wymanmobilenotary.com and let me know. I can share my WhatsApp contact info with you privately.